A worn heart by Naomi Koffman

With A WORN HEART we present our very first artist collaboration at CABINET with a limited edition of 33 handprinted shirts with artwork by Naomi Koffman. The shirts are made by Mey Story in Albstadt/Germany of very fine Pima cotton and are each individually handprinted by Sieb & Brot in Zurich.
The shirts are available on Thursday, May 9th 2019 between 6 – 9 pm. During a cocktail we will exhibit additional artworks by New-York-born artist Naomi Koffman, who became a dear friend of ours at Cabinet. She sketched the print in our store.
This is what Naomi says about her heart shirt:
This collaboration tells the story of a worn heart. The heart is at  the center of the work and each drawing and sculpture is a part of  its memory. These works explore where my heart has been, what  it has felt, what it has survived and what it wants to share.
To wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve is to express feelings openly  and often, without keeping them locked away. My memories and  feelings are so powerful that is feels as if my heart is growing in size. In this manner I have created a large heart that expands beyond  a small sleeve. It is so big, so ready to feel and share, that it has taken over the entire shirt.
The multiple meanings of the word «worn» is being explored in  this exhibition, as a piece of clothing to adorn oneself and also as  a thing that is used so often that it becomes damaged or tired but that still endures and moves on. 
There is a loving and inspirational energy that exists within the  space of Cabinet. Through this collaboration I felt safe and free to share  my large heart. When you wear this shirt I hope you are encouraged to share the feelings and the memories of your own worn heart. – Naomi Koffman
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